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Addiction Risk Found In New Legal Drug Benzo Fury

08 Feb 2013, Posted by admin in Alcohol Abuse, Blog, Drug Rehab & Treatment, Drug Use

The gamble with life continues as a new synthetic drug hits markets. Benzo Fury, the slang name for 5-APB, is a hallucinogen while also behaving as an amphetamine, a stimulant with addictive potential. Users experience the violent and frightening effects of synthetic drugs and despite all logical reasons not to, they can’t help returning to the drug again.

Synthetic Drugs Cause An Unpredictable Frenzy

new synthetic drugsSynthetic drugs are erratic and terrifying, according to most users. They have been called a “roller coaster ride through hell”. In addition to vivid and horrifying hallucinations, they produce psychotic behavior, violence, paranoia and suicide. Most users who make it through alive swear they’ll never try it again.

That’s the trouble with Benzo Fury. Pure hallucinogens are normally not addictive, but because this substance is also designed to act like an amphetamine, opening the dopamine receptors in the brain, it hooks the user after even one try, thereby trapping users in hell.

This new drug may also lead to high blood pressure due to its effect on serotonin receptors causing constriction of the blood vessels. Similar synthetic drugs such as Smiles was known to behave similarly, resulting in cardiac arrest and sudden death.

Benzo Fury is extremely popular in the UK and is considered as dangerous as Ecstasy. Last summer, the media linked Benzo Fury to the death of a nineteen-year-old man at a music festival in Scotland.

Legal Highs

Benzo Fury was created in response to recent laws that outlaw synthetic drug use. Until last year, toxic chemicals like bath salts and synthetic marijuana were sold legally across the country. President Obama signed a law against synthetic drugs, but overseas chemists merely alter chemical combinations to produce new substances like 5-APB, which is touted as legal.

Synthetic drugs are sold in bright packaging and labeled “Not for human consumption”; yet they are clearly used for nothing but getting high. They are sold in bright packages targeting young people looking for an exciting new rush. They are also easy to buy on the Internet and at music festivals and clubs, often priced at around fifteen dollars per pill. Parents and teachers don’t know what they’re looking at when they search rooms and backpacks, often mistaking the drugs for candy, bug spray or cosmetics.

The Drug Lottery

Our officials from Redwood Cliffs rehab speculate that synthetic drugs like Benzo Fury are so popular because they are considered a safer alternative to traditional drugs. It is believed that they gained this false depiction from dealers pushing the drugs, and since they were legal, the notion wasn’t challenged.

The United Nations International Narcotics Control Board said in a report earlier this year that a new variation of synthetic drugs arrive on the market every week. Because users don’t know what they’re getting and what a proper dose would be, the risk of overdose and health complications is even greater.


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